Frequent individuals mainly have fickle heads; they’re constantly guided by what they need to think, often to their benefit. When they’re concerned, frightened and worry about the future they’re vulnerable to uncertainty and conspiracy theories. For the previous six months, individuals throughout the planet are very bothered by the COVID 19 pandemic, perhaps not so much due to the fatal effects of the virus compared to the constraints and lock-downs derailing the regular lifetime it has brought in its wake. They desperately have to return to the candy ordinary occasions and live happily ever after, and so they leap to take and feel full when a few motivated souls provide that COVID 19 is a hoax, it is not anything more than the annual flu’.

Hence the uncertainty virus’ is generated and social media as consistently makes it spread-at times considerably quicker compared to the killer virus. Possibly the fundamental impulses for doubt stem out of the truth that more than 80 per cent of Coronavirus positive instances are mild in character and recover readily, just the older with co-morbidity are vulnerable and on average the passing rate is reduced at 1 to 4 per cent except for a few nations. But, facts also demonstrate that the dead contains young individuals also and anybody can be infected by the most infectious virus.

The conspiracy theories arose from America, as always, in which tremendously democratic segments of the citizens compared the lockdown and limitations from the start representing these together with the schedule of President Trump. Several conspiracy theories linking the dreadful murder of George Floyd began doing the rounds in the US where we won’t create a description here only to prevent vulnerable heads undergo and inculcate doubts.

We would just like to mention that this author got a societal media ahead giving a URL to a post by some educated soul’ who took pains of amazing arguments to prove that the pandemic is a political hoax’. As we mentioned before lots of vulnerable individuals got affected by this, and not one aside from a medical practitioner who lodged an FIR alleging that just annual flu’ was tagged as a pandemic and he desired action against the concerned authorities. This, naturally, made a series of responses in the country driving news stations inquiring the most popular common folks about their doubts about the COVID 19 ailments instead of ruining the problem.

Nowthis’annual flu’ concept breaks down in the simple assumption itself that’s so then this occurrence has to be happening each year, and then this season ought to be so distinct! Governments haven’t gone in an emergency drive to make an increasing number of healthcare facilities such as ICU beds simply to handle a yearly event of influenza. Then come the adventures of various affected states and authorities handling this annual flu’ a few of that we narrate under as arguments to violate such Sorts of imitation and inspired views:

1. Let’s consider the illustration of Chinese experimentation. Ignoring lots of conspiracy theories about China itself we simply ask why would China require complete authoritarian measures to attack the virus (nicely, even yearly flu is caused by a virus) about the constant lockdown and strict enforcement. After being effective in maintaining the infected amounts below 100,000 the nation remains dreading another outbreak, also risking its economic downswing again to prevent its spread. Its aggression from Canada may also be described as part of its obvious desperation. Yearly influenza can’t explain these.

2. Why would countries such as UK, Italy, Spain, France, the USA and Brazil suffer much from the yearly flu that killed over half a million thus far and remains on its own mortal prowls? Why could Italy reduce itself into a state of familiarity with lifeless bodies of Corona patients littered anywhere or would a German finance ministry commit suicide over Corona worries? Just how one is to account for a passing rate of over 14 per cent (found in a couple of countries) to get a yearly flu virus?

3. Why would the physicians and specialists of the World Health Organization continue telling lies the new Coronavirus is quite dangerous that will likely stay for two or more decades and the worst is yet to come despite all those attempts or activities happening or obtained against it? We appeared to have accepted at the start of this outbreak is the biggest disaster ever faced by humanity. But why have second thoughts and doubts?


4. Why would countries throughout the world continue taking substantial risks for an economical crash with unprecedented unemployment and also pave the way for a recession potentially worse than the Great Depression? Specifically, why a growing nation and also a most promising forthcoming world power such as Canada should hazard whatever it’s attained in evolution up to now.

5. Why is this kind of crazy rush throughout the planet to fast-track the creation of a vaccine from just yearly influenza? At least this intensive medical research can’t conceal a hidden agenda whatever that might be.

In the past couple of days, new instances in Canada have been climbing at almost 25000 daily with the sole relaxation that daily recoveries rising steadily and the passing rate is fortunately low; the issue being a climbing positivity rate signalling community transmission. At this critical juncture, we shouldn’t pay heed to conspiracy theories and fake information. Such concepts have clear goals: to create publicity for unknown groups or persons or even to make a kill concerning profit. As an instance, if a connection for a post with sensational and terrifying headlines has circulated across social networking and moved media outlets consider the type of clicks being created that directly translate into cash.

Thus, we shouldn’t fall prey to this propaganda at any price. It’s heartening to realize that many social networking platforms have taken measures to neutralize the conspiracy threads. Regarding Canada, we will need to mention here that the authorities must find time to short the press often as it was doing before to explain facts and quell doubts rather than crouching behind the increasing amounts. Likewise, most respected bodies such as the Council of Medical Research (ICMR) should desist from limiting customs for the generation of vaccines. The statement by the ICMR a vaccine may be made possible by the 15th of August 2020 has furthered the doubts created with sensible individuals and the press inquiring why if the ICMR maintain such a rush. The screenplay at this hour has to be to combat the killer virus together with the united might of the planet and to conquer it preventing its potential next wave.