How Easy Is It To Fix An iPhone 6?

The release of the iPhone 6 marks some great improvements over the 5S, most notably the bigger screen, better camera and of course retaining the slim profile. A downside of this slim profile though is most Calgary¬†Apple users will find themselves with a cracked or broken screen within a few months. As careful as you try to be, the amount of time people spend using their phone, taking it in and out of their pocket, etc makes it almost a sure thing that you’ll end up dropping your phone and cracking the LCD display.

Options For Replacing A Broken iPhone 6/6S Screen

You have two main options for fixing your screen, and each depends on how fast you want it done and how much you want to end up paying. Firstly, if you’ve bought the extended warranty Apple is pushing known as Apple Care for around $100, you can get two replacements for your phone hardware issues (including broken or cracked screens). These can be purchased through your carrier (such as Telus or Rogers), or independently through the Apple Retail location closest to you in Calgary. The way this works is you’ll simply get a new phone shipped to you within 48 hours – and by new we mean an officially refurbished device that isn’t really new – but far better than your cracked screen which you won’t have to be embarrassed about.

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Secondly, there are those Calgary iPhone users who are still hanging on to their iPhone 5 or 5S – or those that opted to save their $100 for candy and not buy the iPhone 6. The option for these users is third party cell phone repair which is basically the more efficient and cost-effective option. OEM quality LCD digitizers are readily available from most suppliers and a skilled local technician can fix your broken screen much faster. While this does technically invalidate your official Apple Warranty most users in the Calgary are already dealing with older devices and a third party phone repair service like Matrix Repairs offers on-site phone screen repair. For the fraction of the cost of a new phone, you can revive your old Android or iPhone. Issues like broken or unresponsive home buttons, poor battery life, and even warped metal frames can be fixed the same day in most cases – and even on-site for those really in a bind.

What can you expect to pay for a full LCD screen repalacement for your iPhone? The cost depends on how old your phone is. Typically the 5 series of phones is the cheapest with a full screen replacement from reputable local phone repair shops costing under $100. The iPhone 6/6S is a bit newer, but it can still be done within an hour for about $150. Of course this is a free market so the price will vary, but our best choice that we’ve found is Matrix Repairs in Calgary (they also have a location in Winnipeg and Edmonton for those of you out there).