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Promoting the health and wellbeing of
professional performing and creative artists.

Workshop: Managing Stress for Health and Wellness – Tuesday October 7, 2014

This clinic helps manage stress and increase daily energy and vitality. Participants explore low impact movements and deep-breathing exercises to help strengthen and rejuvenate the creative process and enhance general health. Special emphasis is placed on stress management involving the mind, body, spirit connection, how posture and optimal alignment are related to health, and how to perform a ‚Äúpersonal health   Continue Reading →

Workshop: Controlling Your Chronic Pain – Monday, November 17, 2014

Research has shown that those suffering from chronic pain benefit from utilizing self-management approaches to become actively involved in their health care. Participants will gain an understanding of the effects of chronic pain and the benefits of taking an active role in managing it. Learn self-Shiatsu, a Japanese therapy based on pressure points, and other self-care interventions that will allow   Continue Reading →

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